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Book Review Alert: Violet: A Street Vixen

Book Review Alert: Violet: A Street Vixen 
Author: Elaine Jenkins 
Published: August 10, 2022 
Publisher: Independently published 
ISBN-13: 979-8846001367 
ASIN: B0BB67HS4G (Paperback) 
Rating: 4 stars 
Byline: This world is small and sometimes dangerous.  


Aries, Violet, and Yolanda are thick as thieves. Aries and Violet are cousins and Yolanda is the best friend to both.  
Violet is the best representation of the female in the classic SOS Band song entitled Weekend Girl or the cult classic Independent by Webbie. She has everything she wants but a man. She is a baddie so she can be as choosy as she wants. 
Here comes Jackson. According to Violet, he is a cutie and knows how to make a woman happy. Meeting at a club turns into a night of pleasure. Could he be Mr. Right or is he just another fish to throw back in the sea? 
Then Violet meets Dutch. Dutch is a street businessman. He finds himself falling in love with her. He likes what he sees and plans to make her his, but all other men must be the out of the picture.  
Yolanda has a secret that will ruin the relationship that Violet has with one of these men. What will happen when Violet finds out? Who will be the last man standing? Who will be six feet deep? What will happen to the relationship between Violet and Yolanda? 

Why? WHy??  WHY???   
This book was very written. The flow was at ease with no hiccups. While reading I knew something was going to happen and yes, I did guess correctly but here comes that curveball. That is what makes this novel such a winner. I did not see any of what happened to Charlotte coming. The reactions of the characters are what should have happened in real life. I loved the fact that the author did that. It was nothing that was over exaggerated or out of the realm of normalcy. Nice quick and fast lunchtime read.   
The end of the book leaves me to wonder if there will be a part 2. Now is part 2 needed? Well, that depends on the reader. There is enough groundwork for part 2. 


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Book Review Alert: Blinded By Love by Colleen Williams

Book Review Alert: Blinded By Love

Author: Colleen Williams

Published: May 31, 2021

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN-13: 979-8504907789

ASIN: B095GSMHP5 (Paperback)


Rating: 5 stars

Byline: A generations curse the killed a generation

Generational curses are real and this novel shows a great example of that. This short story is one that at times is heartbreaking and then triumphs at other times. Three generations of women endure the pain of domestic violence. In this book, it brought to light many of the things that was happening to me as I went through domestic violence. Many say just get up and walk away but it is not always that easy. Especially in the case where there is a child involved or you are the child involved.

One thing I noticed in this novel is domestic violence does not have a type. Each one of the generation of women was with a different type of man. Everything in this book happened to one family. Three generations of women.  Ebonee is smart, cute, and off to college. What most teenage girls dream of doing. While dating in college, she starts to see that she keeps picking the same type of man, broken. To me, I feel she feels as if she can change these men for the good. 

She talks about how her mother was abused and she witnessed it. Even gave us a look at what happens when a woman is sick and tired of being the “punching bag”. Sometimes you have to go for it and that is exactly what her mother did.  I will not speak much about this because I will give it away. 

The most painful part of this novel is reading the death of her daughter to this awful crime. This part of the novel broke me and had me in tears. At one point, I was yelling at the book begging her (Aziza) to talk to her mother. She did and I was relieved but she still met and with a terrible end. 

The emotions in this novel are so real and will have the reader in a ball of them. The story flowed so easily and with ease. When reading this, it felt like she was doing an interview. 


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Book Review Alert: Trust Issues

 Book Review Alert: Trust Issues

Author: Tia Barnes

Published: December 26, 2020

Publisher: Unknown

ISBN-13: n/a


Rating: 5 stars

Byline: With friends like these, who needs enemies. 

Where my girls at? Friends Candice, Layla, Sheree, Katrina, and Trina have friends for quite some time. But their definition of friendship is much to be desired. Let’s break these ladies down. And I promise I will not give away too much information but I will say…. YALL NEED TO GET THIS BOOK RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheree has the baby daddy from hell. He is determined to control her life by using their son. Sheree meets the man of her dreams who is willing to stick by her side. But is he really the man of her dreams or is he the man that is willing to kill her dreams? 

Next we have Layla. This chick right here could have caught plenty of hands in this novel. She is the worst when it comes to friends. Her loyalty is to herself. She doesn't care who she hurts to get what she wants. But can I say that what she wants may not be the best thing for her.

On to Katrina. This chick is stuck between the “best” of both worlds. She loves her girlfriend but she has a bad case of the can’t let the baby daddy go syndrome. Who will she choose? Here ex husband or her gal?

Now we have Trina. She went through a lot growing up. Will what happened in her past be the blockage to her happy future. 

Lastly we have Candice aka Candy. She was my favorite character in the book. I am so mad at Tia Barnes for what she did to her. WHY WHY WHY? Candice is caught between two lovers also. Her heart is torn between that man she married and the man she loves. Which will she choose?

Fights, death, kidnapping, sex and lies can be found all throughout this novel. Go on this rollercoaster ride of friendship or what some may call frenemies? You will not be disappointed, just upset because it leaves you hanging.

This was a great novel. Nice and face-paced. A great read for someone that just wants a quickie. The character development of the novel was on point. Reading this novel you can envision the ladies in each scene. This book plays out like the television show Sisters but with a hood twist.  I can see the novel taking place in the summer in the city. For the novel to be so short, it answers all the questions that would have come in part one leading to a starting point for book two (that I am already reading).

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Book Review Alert: Breaking the Chains of a Narcissist

 Book Review Alert: Breaking the Chains of a Narcissist

Author: Tracy Smalls

Published: September 29, 2020

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN-13: 979-8613104475


Rating: 4 stars

Byline: Learn from me so you don’t be fooled.

According to the Mariam -Webster dictionary, a narcissist is a person who is an extremely self-centered person who has an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Reading that statement you would think that many would fit this category but I beg to differ.

Thanks to Tracy Smalls, I am now able to tell the difference. Breaking the Chains of a Narcissist is a self-told novel of a period in the life of Smalls. She uses her voice in this novel to give pointers and warn others against this type of personality. Dealing with a  narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) would leave the individual that is in the relationship with them individual lose themselves and become engulfed in the other. She speaks about the marriage that she was in and how she started to lose herself. She did her research (YES. DO THE RESEARCH!!!) There are so many pointers in this book from what texts you might receive when they are doing wrong to what they will say to you when they narcissist is up to no good. The biggest pointer I got from this book is to always TRUST MY GUT FEELINGS.  I love the fact that she gains a love for herself and heals from the damage that has been done. 

Some may think this book is not needed but I feel this book has been needed for so long. Now that we, as African Americans, are starting to care and pay more attention to our mental health. I feel as if this book is great for anyone that is in a relationship[ or thinking about starting to date again. 

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September's Recommendations: Self-Help/ Self-Improvement

Self-improvement can mean many different things for everyone, but we all can say that it is about making oneself better. It can be as simple as taking a beginner’s cooking class to taking a walk everyday. Someday we all will need to look into self improvement. In the month of September set a goal and achieve it. Nothing feels better than achievement. Here are some great reads that will get you a step closer to a better you. Take the month to explore all the possibilities and keep learning! 

Elementary (Grades K-4)

Middle (Grades 5-8)

High (Grades 9-12)

Adults (18+)

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2022 SCBookGal and Friends Monthly Themes

January- Read a book from SCBookGal and Friends January Magazine suggestions

February- Read a young adult novel by an african american author

March- Watch a  book made into a film or television series

April- Borrow a book from your local library and read

May- Read a book about concerning mental health

June- Read a book written by a local author

July- Attend a book festival

August- Listen to an audiobook

September- Read a self-help/ self-improvement book 

October- Read a book whose cover has your favorite color

November- Read a book by a new author

December- Read a book by one of SCBookGal and Friends spotlight authors

Book Review Alert: Violet: A Street Vixen

Book Review Alert: Violet: A Street Vixen  Author: Elaine Jenkins  Published: August 10, 2022  Publisher: Independently published  ISBN-13: ...