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Book Review Alert: The Muted Cage

Book Review Alert: The Muted Cage
Author: Milagros-Lotus Romero
Published: November 4, 2020
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1716476099
Rating: 4 stars

The Muted Cage is a compilation of emotions, feelings and experiences many readers in this book readers will be able to identify with the author's pain, struggles, and also the love that it is exuded throughout the book. What I found most intriguing about the book is how the author was able to give readers a very vivid Outlook into her personal life, her family history as well as a look at her tenacity to overcome childhood trauma. I would say however the flow of the book needs work as certain chapters did not flow with other chapters in the book. For instance the chapter that speaks about her mother's death I personally believe should have waited or should have been listed until the very end of the book. I'm very intrigued by the title of the book The muted cage in the sense I can personally identify with childhood traumas that often times go unhealed, unaddressed, and in some cases are passed on to other generations. I will however say that this book is a trigger for anyone who may have PTSD, unresolved traumas as well as struggles with low self-esteem or self-worth. I do not recommend this book to children under the age of 17 because of the severity and the nature of the book. In hindsight this book could be extremely beneficial for therapists, counselors, and even Christian organizations that deal or work with individuals who have suffered traumas or even self-esteem issues. I would rate this book as a four out of five and I would recommend this book to other book groups around the globe. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I felt challenged to even face my inner demons and traumas that I continue to live with. I encourage anyone who may be interested in going in the psychology, sociology, or even counseling field to read this book as it prepares you to display empathy, compassion, and understanding to Future clients. (Reviewed by HarmonyRaine)

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Book Review Alert: Rescued By A Savage: A Tainted Love

Book Review Alert: Rescued By A Savage: A Tainted Love
Author: Talena Tillman
Published: October 29, 2021
Publisher: Independently published
ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8760521446
Rating: 5 stars

The story of Harmony Bellamy starts as her being a teenager along with her baby sister, Melody. Their living arrangement at that time was nothing short of an extravagant home with two loving parents. Love and financial stability enveloped the girls into a blanket of no worries. Harmony was a daddy’s girl. I say WAS because as a teenager she lost her father by way of a brutal murder. Shortly after, she lost her mother to suicide leaving Harmony and her baby sister without parents and into the custody of Aunt Pam. Living with their aunt was the exact opposite of what their lives were before. Once Harmony became of legal age, she worked hard and eventually was awarded custody of her sister.

A happily ever after life would be an understatement. Harmony struggles to provide for their household. Life’s circumstances has her on the brink. By chance, she meets Santana Rossi; a music producer backed by his grandfather’s legacy and a lifetime of street cred. They are instantly attracted to each other and he begins to spoil Harmony and her little sister. To Harmony, Santana is heaven sent. To Santana, Harmony is his yin to his yang. They appear to be a match made in heaven, until this too good to be true urban romance comes full circle. I was impressed with the author’s storytelling abilities. A vivid picture was painted through her words typed on paper; the character Harmony’s independent mentality and her struggles with maintaining her independence. The author also detailed Harmony’s struggles with her mental issues. However, her character is strong and very relatable to female readers. I loved reading about the urban love story of Harmony and Santana. Although money was no object and Santana spoiled her, Harmony still worked hard to provide for her sister Melody. With the turn of each page I anticipated which path their relationship would take. While I’m glad that they’ve made their relationship official, the book ended with a cliffhanger and with an explosion of events that will most definitely turn things on its head. I recommend this read. I’m anticipating part two of this novel.

Reviewed by Kela

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

SCBookGal and Friends 2022 Reading Challenge (Prize Winner Every Month)


2022 SCBookGal and Friends Reading Challenge!!!!!

Here is something new in 2022. We would love to encourage you to read more in 2022.  Here is your chance to become a well-rounded reader and possibly be rewarded. Each month SCBookGal and Friends will create a theme and booklist. To be eligible to win a $10 Amazon Gift card, you just have to read a book on the list  or a book that can fit within the theme. If you participate every month in 2022, you will be entered into a drawing to win an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet that will be given away in December. Your monthly entry can be entered here. You can check out our blog at or check us out on facebook- SCBookGal & Friends.  Happy Reading!!!!

2022 SCBookGal and Friends Monthly Themes

  • January- Read a book from SCBookGal and Friends January Magazine suggestions

  • February- Read a young adult novel by an african american author

  • March- Watch a  book made into a film or television series

  • April- Borrow a book from your local library and read

  • May- Read a book about concerning mental health

  • June- Read a book written by a local author

  • July- Attend a book festival

  • August- Listen to an audiobook

  • September- Read a romance novel

  • October- Read a book whose cover has your favorite color

  • November- Read a book by a new author

  • December- Read a book by one of SCBookGal and Friends spotlight authors

January- Read a book from SCBookGal and Friends January Magazine suggestions

This month we would like to recap of the top 10 books that SCBookGal and Friends reviewed in 2021. Thanks to all the authors that gave us the opportunity to read your outstanding work. If you would like to have your book reviewed by SCBookGal and Friends, remit an email to

  1. Stepping Into My Purpose by Charlotte Simon-Rowson

  2. Will You Catch Me If I Fall by Cherice Harris, Kellz K Publishing, 2017

  3. A Fem’s Playground by Shatika Turner, Amazon Digital Services, 2017

  4. Battle Scarred Love : BWWM by Y. Deonna, Y. Deonna, 2019

  5. Tears of Me by LaToya Martin, LaToya Martin, 2020

  6. An Orman’s Revenge by Dominique Gibson, 2019

  7. Trahison: Why Weren’t We the Chosen Ones by Anjunette L. Washington, Page Publishing, 2021

  8. You Taught Me by Delanda McNair, Truly HIS Pen LLC, 2019

  9. The Tomorrow Game by Paul J. Chetcuti, Oakfield Books, 2021

  10. Million Dollar Bill by Sherrod Tunstall, SJT Entertainment, 2020

Book Review Alert: Violet: A Street Vixen

Book Review Alert: Violet: A Street Vixen  Author: Elaine Jenkins  Published: August 10, 2022  Publisher: Independently published  ISBN-13: ...