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Book Review Alert: Will You Catch Me If I Fall

 Book Review Alert:

Will You Catch Me If I Fall

Author: Cherice Harris

Kindle Edition

Published June 14, 2017

Kellz K Publishing 

ASIN# B071KG2Y57

Rating 5 stars

Broken mentally and physically, we have O’Shea Greene. Beautiful young lady that has been dealt the worst hand that life can give. She has lost her mother and grandmother to the man that she calls her grandfather. Only to have him molest and beat her whenever he pleases. 

On top of all the drama that is happening at home, she now has to go to school and deal with the constant bullying of fellow classmates Kita and her crew. The do not have a reason to hate on her until she catches a certain person’s kind gesture. 

ZaCree aka “Cree” is unlike most hustlers you have met. He has a criminal history, businessman's attitude, and a kind heart. He eyewitnesses the drama that his step sister Kita and her girls are doing to O’Shea. He handles that drama to only see them at it again. 

One fateful night brings Cree in the life of O’Shea on a more permanent basis. Will Cree be able to handle all the drama that come with the beautiful package that is called O’ Shea?  Will O’Shea be able to put her life back together with all the pieces of the puzzle all over the place?

This book was a breathe of fresh air. It was great to read a novel where the story is total opposite of what you were thinking. So many twists and turns keeps the reader in engaged in the life of the all characters in the story. No character is left out to have an issue of their own in so many words. Everyone is entwine like a community should be.

Cherice Harris had done an excellent job with this novel. The ease of reading and the unique writing bring to life issues that are seen in an everyday manner in our lifetime. All of the stories from the characters ran together with no problem.  This book was dripping with drama and had me one the edge of wanting to fight some of the characters in the book. I really excited to see what book two brings. 

Book Review Alert: A Fem’s Playground

 Book Review Alert: A Fem’s Playground

Author: Shatika Turner

Kindle Edition

Published: November 18, 2017

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services


Rating: 5 stars


Welcome to world of Patience Jones.  A female that wants love but in the beginning was a little against it. That is until she met Blaze. Blaze is strong, confident, straight to the point, everything that she needs in a woman. Yes I said woman. And Patience is alright with that but someone that is close to her is not. Someone from her past comes back and can understand the type of love that Patience has for Blaze and want her to know that. Is it too little to late for those that are closest to Patience to be comfortable with what she has accepted in her life. Who is for her love and who is against her love?

Blaze knew when she first saw her that she had to have her, but little did she know about this player with a hemline. But that wall from Ms. Patience did not take long to come down but it did take a while to maintain so it would not go back up. Shade and Blaze have one thing in common and that is Patience. Will Blaze be able to protect the woman that she loves against someone who she calls family?

There are other players in this novel that has their own issues to deal with but everyone’s issues are connected in some way in another. 

Someone is looking for the love of a missing father. Someone is feels as if a change has to happen in order for them to feel complete. Someone is fighting a demon that they can not break which leads them to betraying a close friend. Another wants to reconnect but time is not on his side.

Take this rollercoaster ride with Author Shatika Turner as all roads lead to love, acceptance, and sometimes forgiveness. 

I never thought that I would find so much drama in one novel but hell I did. Was thinking that there is no way that she will be able to keep all these characters in place and have a story that is able to flow. But I have DEAD wrong. This book was unlike any other that I have read. The way that the characters interacted in the story you were never able to see any of the twist and turns that were later revealed. 

Book Review Alert: Violet: A Street Vixen

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