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Book Review Alert: A Time To Love A Time To Hate

Book Review Alert: A Time To Love A Time To Hate  Author: Tracey D. Harris Published: November 9, 2020 Publisher:     ISBN: 978-1839455483 Rating: 4 I found this story very captivating and I felt as though I could feel the characters emotions, thoughts and actions throughout the book. In this book readers have the opportunity to see how love truly conquers all even hate. I found myself gasping for air as the author was very descriptive in how she depicted the raw emotions of the main characters. I would recommend this book for a cultural awareness course or even for a young adult who may wonder about loving someone from the opposite side of the fence and color. I would love to see a part two or a trilogy for this phenomenal piece.  (Reviewed by Harmony Rayne)

Book Review Alert: Final Harvest by Barbara Howard

Book Review Alert: Final Harvest Author: Barbara Howard Published: August 1, 2020 Publisher: Independently published ISBN-13: 979-8655968134 Rating: 3 Tracinda Simmons, better known as Traci, is a twenty-five year old young woman who lives alone. Growing up, she lived an unstable life. She had been passed from foster to foster home until she aged out of the system. Living alone as an adult has not been stable either as evidenced by living a in a fixer upper home that she can’t afford to fix up to city code, obtaining dead-end jobs through a temp-service and trying to cope day to day with anxiety issues. With the assistance from the temp-service she works for, a job that she normally would not have entertained, became available to her at at time when she had no choice but to accept. She became a bike courier. Overtime, she learned to appreciate the job and became a valued employee. In her neighborhood, she meets Rowena Garrett and her workers in a huge field where they are working

Book Review Alert: Million Dollar Bill

Book Review Alert: Million Dollar Bill  Author: Sherrod Tunstall Published: December 5, 2020 Publisher: SJT Entertainment ISBN-13: 979-8690832551 Rating: 5 Victoria Harrison is a single woman, with two children (a set of twins) and a career that keeps her family, as well as her expensive tastes, taken care of. Outside of her career and her weekly Friday appointments, her life is a bore, not spontaneous in the least. She has everything that she wants in life, except a love of her own. Her best friend, Jenel, has been pushing her dear friend, Victoria, to add some love spice to her life. However, her heart has been broken. Years ago, the father of her children ended the relationship when she was pregnant and he has been a deadbeat dad ever since. Giving her heart to another man was not in the cards. Besides, other than her children, she has a one-track mind: her career at Image Magazine, caters to plus- size women. Image is the dream career that she has wanted ever since she was a child.