Book Review Alert: The Alpha Centaurians: The Beginnings (Volume 1)

Book Review Alert: The Alpha Centaurians: The Beginnings (Volume 1)

Author: Lizzy Landon

Published: January 5, 2018

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN-13: 978-7986398415

Rating: 3 stars

Paranormal, romance, and hints of a sexual appetite are only part of this novel. Skye is delivered to a location where she meets her mate. The scent of her blood has power and is wanted by the wrong people. Balen is a prince that falls for a half-bred. When consuming her love he gains strength and speed. Will this source of power be his downfall? Ryan will do anything to have Balen, even if it means deceiving others or breaking their hearts.  Which love will prevail? All is fair in love and war.

The novel was a good combination of paranormal and romance. The flow of the novel was a little difficult at times but at certain points, it would come all together. I would like to see the author use a little less description and to streamline all components of the novel to keep the reader interested.  

(Reviewed by Patrice)



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